Rates and packages

Coaching rate

In order to best meet your coaching needs choose either the per session rate or one of the two monthly packages.

Per session

The per session rate is $185.  Set up a time now to try your first session.

Monthly Packages

Recommended for those who want to reach a targeted goal that requires weekly sessions in order to make notable progress.

Package #1:  Just coaching!  Weekly coaching sessions – 4 a month at a rate of 660 per month

Package #2:  Coaching plus!  Weekly coaching sessions – 4 a month plus:

  • Email coaching in between sessions as needed.
  • A Strength-Based Assessment to uncover your strengths and set your direction
  • The Professional, Leadership or Financial Autobiography if desired. The autobiographies are a series of key questions designed to uncover beliefs and attitudes toward career, leadership or money that are the foundation for your actions.
  • Rate is 660 per month


  1. Credit cards, Paypal, cash and checks are accepted with a small service fee.
  2. Payment is made before services are rendered.
  3. These rates are for individual based executive and professional coaching (those paying out of pocket). Call for company sponsored executive and professional coaching.
  4. Location.  Coaching is offered in person in the coach’s office in Takoma Park, MD (near Washington, DC) or over the phone. Phone clients can live anywhere in the U.S. or internationally.
  5. At any time in the coaching relationship either the client or coach can end the coaching for any reason. If that does occur the client will pay the coach for all sessions completed.

To start call Jeanine at 202-352-3208.