One-on-one coaching

How Does Coaching with Jeanine Work?

Seems like you are ready for something new, more satisfying and meaningful perhaps?  Rather than supporting you to continue to twist yourself into a pretzel to make everything work for your boss, company, and all others – we start by focusing on you!

Isn’t that refreshing?!

Who are you?  What is your style and personality?  What do you want and need to ask for?  These questions are our starting point.

Below is additional information about my approach and logistics.

A Strength-Based Approach

Research shows that people who understand and utilize their character strengths are more engaged and experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment in work and life. After decades of focus on improving employee weaknesses with little to no notable change, businesses are embracing this strength-based approach with great success.  I use this strength-based approach with coaching clients.

Successful coaching with Jeanine involves new learning.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.  I say it like it is and help you see things as they really are.   At times, the learning may be exciting and liberating. Other times learning may be challenging such as when it involves new discoveries about the way in which your own actions serve as obstacles to your intended goals. The success of the coaching depends upon the ability to explore that which is relevant to your goals, including direct confrontation when your current actions are not working.

The primary tool in coaching is the use of powerful questions 
in which you uncover new insights and perspectives. As an effective coach I ask you powerful questions so that you can identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and replace them with new ones that allow you to reach your goals and achieve the results you want.

Coaching takes place over the phone or in person. 
Coaching sessions are either in person or over the phone. Phone coaching is as powerful as in person coaching and offers the additional flexibility of working with anyone no matter where you live. If you prefer in person coaching and live in the Washington DC area this is available at my office at 7000 Carroll, Ave, Suite 200 in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Typical length and duration
Coaching sessions are for 45-60 minutes once a week or every other week. I ask my coaching clients to make a  commitment to the coaching until the desired outcome is reached.

The cost of one-on-one coaching. In order to best meet your coaching needs choose either the per session rate or one of the two monthly packages.  For packages and rates click here.

Client driven. 
Sessions are focused on what you the client determines is needed for that week. Each session builds on the learning and insights of the previous session and moves toward the declared goal(s).

Action steps. 
At the end of each session the client determines action steps to complete in order to move towards the declared goal. Jeanine will hold you accountable to completing those action steps.

“When Jeanine coached me I had a huge revelation.  She helped point out something that was obvious to her, but that I was framing in a way that obscured it to me.  Once I made that realization, it changed how I approach my position and the ‘square peg, round hole’ feeling disappeared.” Heather Alderman, Assistant Director


To get started contact Jeanine at 202-352-3208.