Leadership Development

Step into your leadership strengths and style with grace.  Jeanine works with leaders such as executives and managers to identify and own their leadership strengths, effectively lead their team, reach new goals, and balance work and life priorities.

Jeanine’s 8 Step Process of Leadership Coaching.  While each client receives a specialized coaching intervention based on their unique needs and circumstances, these 8 steps are followed as applicable.

  1. Identify and pitch to strengths. Leaders tend to thrive when they focus their attention on their strengths versus their weaknesses, which is the message of well researched and regarded books such as the Strengths Finder. The coach uses this paradigm and works with the leader to bring out and emphasize her or his strengths. A plan is developed for how the leader can pitch to her strengths and optimize her effectiveness.
  2. Understanding personality and leadership style. We will use a number of useful frameworks for understanding one’s leadership style and learn strategies for how to honor that style effectively in the work place.
  3. Goal setting. Informed by the identification of strengths and style, the client will clearly define the specific leadership goal or competency to focus on and set realistic and achievable goals for the coaching period.
  4. Define success. Leader clearly defines what success during the coaching engagement would look like. Develop both qualitative and measurable metrics.
  5. Identify underlying values driving professional performance. Client identifies what her key values and intentions are in the professional arena and makes sure those values inform goals and actions.
  6. Identify and reframe negative cognitions. Certain beliefs professionals hold prevent their ability to successfully move forward. We identify those as they emerge and then replaced them with ones that allow fulfillment of goals. For example instead of focusing on what a client has not yet accomplished s/he learns how to focus on what s/he has already accomplished and then build on those accomplishments. This pivot in focus w shifts the mood from one of frustration to one of ambition. The mood of ambition is needed to keep moving forward.
  7. Strategies for time management. Prioritize, delegate and delete. Most leaders need to master time management to optimize performance. Clients learn and practice a number of time management tools including prioritizing, delegating and deleting. Leaders learn and practice the seven elements of making effective requests and promises.
  8. Goal achieving process. Clients practice setting goals for themselves with doable timelines. In doing so they are able to make and measure continued progress to achieving work place and professional goals.

Satisfied customers:

“I benefited so much from working with Jeanine.  I understand myself professionally much better and feel empowered.  I really valued our coaching and recommend her to anyone looking to improve or acquire leadership skills.”  Manager at General Service Administration

“Jeanine is a brilliant Leadership/Business coach who I worked with for years and can recommend whole heartedly. My work with her made a huge difference in my life.” Amy Sheesley, M.S., Registered Financial Consultant®, CEO of Light ON Finance, Inc

“As I look back over this past year I marvel at all the changes and how much happier I am. I have time and energy for my family, myself and a job I enjoy. I shall always be grateful to my coach, who helped me through a difficult and painful transition. Jeanine is a gifted coach and I feel so blessed that she came into my life.” Carol, Executive Director