Coaching within Organizations

Leverage the power of your entire team for the next level of success

In team coaching, we work together to promote understanding of different personality and leadership styles, recognize and overcome common team challenges, and learn new productive approaches for listening and working together.  Team coaching increases your team’s effectiveness through deepened understanding, communication, and collaboration.

Our effective team coaching approach is informed by best practices and social science research. Yet the crux of our success comes from the mindful approach that centralizes curious listening and personal responsibility. With this approach the team is led through necessary, delicate, and difficult conversations with respect and accountability.

The results? Team members are heard, feel valued, take ownership for their contribution to the team dynamics and are empowered to make necessary changes. Happy team members means improved team outcomes. That means increased productivity and greater profitability. Everyone wins!

How it works:

  • Coach designs a custom assessment package to determine individuals’ and the team’s strengths, mood, essential needs, and interpersonal styles. This assessment informs the coach’s recommendations for optimal team coaching.
  • Together the team and coach develop a clear agreement on the desired outcomes for the engagement.
  • Coach draws from her training and experience as a social psychologist
  • Engagement includes a combination of group and individual coaching sessions, depending on the team’s needs. Group sessions are in person and individual sessions can be in person or by phone as needed.

Best suited for:

  • Teams who want to work together with deeper understanding of each other and better results
  • Teams that would flourish working with an external coach.
  • Groups that have 3-10 people.

Likely outcomes:

  • Deepened understanding of other team members preferences and work styles
  • Increased cooperation through improved understanding of common pitfalls most teams encounter and how to navigate them successfully.
  • More effective strategies for communicating and working together
  • Improved work relationships and team productivity


  • The coaching engagement is custom designed so the length depends upon the needs of the group, typically 3 to 12 months.

“Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us. . . there were a number of shifts and epiphanies.” S. W., Director of Development, Non-profit organization