Why Coaching?

Because you are worth it and it works!  Research shows that the results of coaching are the achievement of goals, improved performance, increased satisfaction and happiness (hey isn’t that what life is all about?) to name a few.

That’s why so many Fortune 500 companies invest in coaching for their leaders and individuals commit to coaching.

Hire Jeanine as your career coach to help you:

  • Honor who you are and make sure your work is in alignment with that
  • Ask for what you want and get it!
  • Identify and step into your strengths
  • Own your leadership style
  • Determine and support your ambitions
  • Achieve a specific career goal such as a promotion or salary increase
  • Make important career decisions and transitions

How do I know if coaching is for me right now?

  • You feel dissatisfied or ready for something different, more, bigger
  • You want to explore new avenues for yourself but do not know how to proceed
  • You want to make some changes in your career
  • You have this desire or yearning for something that you cannot articulate
  • You want to expand and take it to the next level and would benefit knowing someone has your back

The best way to know is to actually experience coaching.  Click here to start.

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