If you are like me – you are a talented professional who unwittingly fell prey to what I call the Sleeping Beauty syndrome; work hard, play nice and don’t rock the boat.  You wait to be noticed in your job and good deeds rewarded. 

Not.  Lesson learned! 

Career advancement is an active process.  It doesn’t happen to us.  We have to create it.  Rather than wait be noticed, acknowledged or discovered we have to be our own best advocate and ask for what we want.  This life lesson taught me how to be a great coach.  Through the coaching process my clients are emboldened to be the driver in their careers.  They proactively create the career they want.

“In our coaching I learned that I can ask for a lot more than I think. And it was so easy!”
– M. La Russo, This coaching client successfully negotiated a salary package that included a $10,000 raise and an assistant.

My training and accolades : )

Since I fell in love with coaching in 2004 I have coached hundreds of professionals who reached their goals including CEO’s, small business owners, government and non-profit employees, lawyers, Executive Directors, managers and professors to name a few.  People of diverse professions and walks of life have come through my door.

I received coach training with Newfield Network, a certified executive coaching program and with 1000+ hours of coaching under my belt am recognized as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation.  A bonus is that I am also trained as a social psychologist, with a doctorate degree from the University of Vermont. This allows me to use my understanding of interpersonal behavior and group dynamics to add value to the coaching experience. One fun gig was coaching business students at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and I loved being part of the faculty of CCPE at Georgetown University teaching juicy courses like Difficult Conversations: Discussing What Matters Most.

In 2009 The Washington Post recognized me as one of twenty successful professionals in Washington, D.C. and asked to be a regular contributor to an online series on success.

I bring years of experience as a facilitator, trainer and public speaker to the art of coaching.  Having spoken nationally and internationally at hundreds of professional conferences, community talks, seminars and workshops I receive excellent reviews for motivating the audience to take positive action in their lives.

My extensive background along with my warm and authentic style is a winning combination for a range of professional arenas. Diverse organizations and companies have requested my expertise and I am skilled at tailoring a message and/or service to fit the audience.

“Working with Jeanine is not only very fruitful but also illuminating and fun! She really helped validate my hunches, encourage my business expansion and think out of the box in launching a part-time healing practice. I strongly recommend her as a coach.”

– Jindra Cekan, PhD, Consultant